Global Silk Industry and UAE

Global Silk Industry and UAE

The silk industry is a global enterprise, with countries like China, India, and Uzbekistan leading the way in silk production. Other countries, such as UAE, are also significant consumers of silk products. While silk makes up less than 0.2% of the global textile market, it is produced in over 60 countries around the world.

Countries like Brazil, Japan, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, DPR Korea, Iran, etc. are also involved in silk production while the major silk consumers are; USA, Italy, Japan, India, France, China, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, UAE, Korea, Viet Nam, etc.

Sericulture, the process of cultivating silkworms for their silk, is a labor-intensive industry that provides employment to millions of people worldwide. In China alone, about 1 million workers are employed in the silk sector. In India, the silk industry provides employment to 7.9 million people, while in Thailand, 20,000 weaving families rely on silk production for their livelihood.

Despite its labor-intensive nature, sericulture can help keep rural populations employed and prevent migration to big cities. Additionally, it requires relatively small investments while providing raw material for textile industries.

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